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How fellatio or cunnilingus enhance the mood.

Today I am super happy to share my understandings of what part fellatio¹, fellatrix² or  (cunnilingus³) play in the bedroom, for starters men and women equally enjoy the benefits of these acts purely for immense pleasure, and the guaranteed orgasmic feelings.  For instance some women may choose fellatrix² aka cunnilingus³ over a painful feeling of a man continuing to stroke making her vagina sore after awhile, and for him as well.

performing fellatio¹, fellatrix² or (cunnilingus³) properly will produce an immediate response and voila!!! both male and female will tremble with uncontrollable feelings and mountains of satisfaction, some describe their first experience as leaving them feeling numb and light as a feather.  Although our sexual pleasures vary at some point we all have or will become fixated on how awesome fellatio¹, fellatrix² or (cunnilingus³) makes you feel before and after sex or making love. Oral sex provides a sense of appreciation, along with emotions of feeling wanted and special, its safe to view oral sex as a mood booster between men and women.

Article written by,

Student Clinical Psychologist Darrena Strawder

  1. Fellatio= oral stimulation of the penis.
  2. Fellatrix= a woman who performs fellatio.
  3. Cunnilingus= oral stimulation of the vulva or clitoris .
  4. Vulva= the external parts of the female genital organs.
  5. Clitoris= a small erectile female organ located within the anterior junction of the labia minora and is responsive to sexual stimulation.

5 thoughts on “How fellatio or cunnilingus enhance the mood.”

  1. As a male I enjoy pleasing my women in every way possible, oral sex if done right can enhance the entire mood from start to finish for both partners. If you have reserves about oral sex , i encourage you to give it a second thought. Have fun stay blessed and be safe people.

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  2. I honestly feel so much more educated about what most people know as “oral sex”. This article takes you past sexual intercorse to another comfotbale way of pleasure in the ‘bedroom’.

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