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Understanding who you are!!!

Photo taken, (2019) & Blog written, (2019) by Darrena Strawder.

Being able to maintain your life strengths and struggles carries a huge burden. Knowing who you are from the beginning helps to develop your wisdom.

When we actually know ourselves?

What is it we may know about ourselves?

Self-knowledge is one of the needed elements to understand your own identity.

1. Understanding your values.

2. Your own interest.

3. Temperament.

4. Occupied activities.

5. Your own goals and missions.

6. Strengths.

Due to today’s society constantly changing, it may be hard to be true to yourself. Our personal values are often over powered by societies own values.

When you accept who you are either good or bad. You accept the needed changes you can make.

No one is perfect loving ourselves first leads to the desires of growth and learning. We are all able to praise God and love each other but we are only capable of making our own personal changes from within.

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