Daily Life

Simple Beauty!!!!

Photo taken by Darrena Strawder (2019) NC.

Not positively expressing your emotions can lead to a deep, black, and dark place. Simple things like the image above can help to revitalize your mind and create a relaxing space for your visual path, your soul and body. The natural beauty within us shines bright and loving of one’s heart. The passion and desires of beauty are ripped from the inner souls of a person and visually displayed among presence. Understanding how to appreciate yourself and your self value will teach you to appreciate others and their values even if it may differs from yours. As we are not perfect nor is this image the beauty still lies within so appreciate the simple imagery you show.

Written by,

Darrena A. Strawder aka Hazel

3 thoughts on “Simple Beauty!!!!”

  1. There is so much truth in your words. Truth of an ongoing journey lived that molds us into who we ultimately become as we are ever changing. And beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and even imperfection can be flawlessly beautiful.

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