Darrena Strawder a future Clinical Psychologist/Behavioral Therapist currently holding two AAS in Computer Information/Computer Science along with multiple certifications in the computer field.  I read and research many topics pertaining to the success and growth between one another. I enjoy bringing couples, family and friends together. A therapist is always searching for new ideas, and techniques to improve, I’m open to useful ideas in the psychological and behavioral fields. I’m interested in helping people find mental, social, and financial goals often SaxBrant look for people willing to push the boundaries of conventional thinking about their behaviors in order to bring new insights to areas like these, along with skills that boost your self esteem.  This website does not intend to provide medical advice, or counseling at this time.  SaxBrant was created to explore different views on positive psychology desires that allow the readers a chance to ask a student clinical psychologist questions for non medical feedback. This website is run by volunteers if you like the content please help us by donating any amount to help keep this blog up and running.

****Darrena A. Strawder****

Student Clinical Psychologist

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