Daily Life

Nature works freely!!!!


(Photo taken by: Darrena A. Strawder 7/29/2020 Manhattan, NY)


”Unstructured freedom within natural environments will benefit development in multiple ways.  Some undefined and overlooked, survival is a demanding task and requires undefeated accomplishments not towards materialism but daily life skills”

The “June Bug” beetle was carefully walking through the humans carrying something by his back legs.  I watched him get it to his destination safe and freely.

Blog written by: Darrena A. Strawder AKA Hazel.

Daily Life

Patiently waiting!!!!!!

(Photo taken by: Darrena Strawder 7/29/2020 Central Park 107th street)

When observing particular views!!!! We tend to overlook the basis of the picture. “Every group wasn’t created to harm” and “every loner shouldn’t be looked at as weird” the point of this picture was?

Blog written by: Darrena A. Strawder AKA Hazel

Daily Life

Colorful vibes!!!!!

(Lower East Side, East River Park 4/2020 photo taken by Darrena Strawder)

Colorful patterns display vivid emotions good or bad. Creating these memories enhance love or passion from beginning to ending. Learning from previous experiences determines how clear and colorful your image displays!!! Judgement is the absence of love.

Written by,

Darrena A. Strawder

Daily Life, Facts

Wings of freedom!!!!

(2019 Asheboro, NC- Zoo)

When searching and exploring our paths and wings explore divine senses for positive aspects, those who look into pure evil will live and manifest within the evilness of oneself.  Upon looking and reading the needed materials our brains will attach our minds towards the needed data, “thus allowing our wings to spread”

Written By,

Darrena A. Strawder

Daily Life

Visually Darkened!!!!

(Taken in Phoenix, Arizona by Darrena Strawder December, 2019)

How blinded thy was, when thy look their way, or how careful thy was when you trust their sway, sure wards of trust burst into lust!!!! Brushes gazed hand from hand unworthy jewels shine and winds truffles across the sand, now my greater grief. The thief prey in the dark leaving wounds found in beautiful ART, given this key locked away was thy broken heart!!!look deep in this pain save closure in thou veins. Our pleasure to gentle, dammed, foggy and weird, thus beauty still divine peace and happiness all thee’s ART find; one simple splash created this painting’s path!!!

Written by,

Darrena A. Strawder aka Hazel